Dark Reservations Cover

Dark Reservations

Bureau of Indian Affairs Special Agent Joe Evers faces an early retirement because of a botched investigation, but when the vehicle belonging to a congressman who went missing twenty years ago is found on the Navajo Reservation, Joe might just get a chance at redemption—if those behind the disappearance don’t kill him first.

Releases October 13, 2015 (St. Martin’s Press)

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It isn’t often a first novel comes along that is as sure-handed as John Fortunato’s Dark Reservations. The prose is lean and sinewy, yet not so spare that an occasional startling image or a wonderfully distinctive metaphor doesn’t shine through. —Randall Silvis, author of On Night’s Shore and The Boy Who Shoots Crows

Fortunato hooks the reader from the very first page with this twisty tale of murder and redemption. Reminiscent of Tony Hillerman, he uses the Southwest setting to maximum effect. I couldn’t put it down! —Victoria Thompson, bestselling author of Murder in Murray Hill

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  1. john, just tried sending you a “comment” but it didn’t go thru. so, again: finished “dark reservations. was upset that randall bluehorse was killed then read the credits & saw a randall bluehouse listed !! I have read all of tony hillerman’s books plus one of his daughter. have also read all of Victoria thompsons. connecting personal dots: I’ve taken 2 classes at seton hall, my step father graduated from there & my doc’s daughter is currently enrolled there. I have a friend who is retired army & lives in Albuquerque where I have visited. hope this one goes thru !!

    • Hello. Comments do not post automatically. I have to approve them. That’s why you do not see them right away.
      I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the book. Thank you for your comment. Yes, Bluehouse is a friend. I liked his sir name, but changed it to Bluehorse. My character’s first name was not named after him, even though it’s the same. It was from another good friend of mine, Randall Silvis, who is also an author.
      It sounds like you have a lot of ties to Seton Hill University. It’s a great school. The MFA program is excellent. Great instructors. Great curriculum.

  2. Hi John! I work at the city and rec’d a memo you were coming to Escanaba. I am also an author. I’m looking forward to seeing you. My nephew is going to college for criminal justice. He wants to be in the FBI or CIA. I told him it’s not very often he would get an opportunity like this to meet someone so multitalented 😊 he’s coming along as well. Looking forward to talking with you! ~ Crystal Martin

  3. When is the next book coming out. I was just starting J.A.Jance’s newest book when I picked yours up and couldn’t put it down. We live in the southwest and worked with the Navajo’s for years. You are right up there with James Doss, Tony Hillerman, and the Thurlo’s.

    • Hi, sorry I did not respond sooner. I am almost done book two. I hope to have it out later this year or early next year. I very much appreciate your interest. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year! –John

  4. I loved all of Tony Hillerman’s books and never thought any other writer could be compared to him, but having just finished Dark Reservations I think of you as his successor. I loved your book. I am a retired librarian, and cannot help myself from recommending good books. Yours will be the next one that I tell my friends about. Thanks for a great read.

    • Thanks, Jane. I’m honored you think so. Thank you for serving your community as a librarian. I am a big supporter and used to be on the library board in Gallup. Hope you are enjoying retirement. –John

  5. Hi John, just got back from a 2 week vacation in Puerto Vallarta with my family over the Holidays, and took your book! It was a HUGE hit with all of my family. We’ve live around the Gallup/Navajo Nation reservation area. Your book so intimately describes the people,and the area, what a cliff hanger! How would one go about getting an autographed copy from you? Congrats on the Hillerman Award! This was the best SW mystery I’ve read in a long time. Do you see a movie in the future? E

    • Hi. Thank you for the note. I am so happy you enjoyed the book am honored you’re interested in a signed copy. You can order one from Snowbound Books, 118 N. Third Street, Marquette, MI 49855, telephone number (906) 228-4448. Tell them you want a signed/personalized copy, and I will stop by there and sign it. Or you can email me your address and I will mail you a book plate that you can place inside your own copy. You can use the Contact Me page on this website. Thanks again!

  6. I love to start a book that gets my attention immediately, and Dark Reservations did. I’ve recommended the book to friends, and advised them that I suspect we’ll see more good works from Mr. Fortunato – and I hope I’m right. A good read. Thanks.

    • Hi, Tom. Yes, I am working on book two with Joe Evers as well as another project. Thanks for letting me know you liked it. I appreciate it.

  7. I really liked Dark Reservations. It became a page-turner as it progressed. I, too, was sorry Bluehorse was killed. I though he would have been an excellent sidekick for Joe in future novels. I’m so glad you are working on book two. I was rooting for Joe Evers and could hardly wait for him to triumph over all those who underestimated him and treated him like a washed-up incompetent.

    • Thank you, Ann. I’ll be honest. Bluehorse’s death surprised me, too. I hadn’t planned on having him die. My original plan was to have them team up, but sometimes a novel takes an unexpected detour. A was in a conversation with a friend and fellow author who mentioned the need to kill people off in mysteries. I think he planted a seed. A mystery/thriller is a dangerous place. I wouldn’t want to be a character in one.
      I appreciate the note.

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